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Bangkok – About Bangkok in Thailand
Traffic meandering, world-class shopping, scents of spices and food that you just have to try – we are in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital! You can go to this city for so many different reasons. A holiday in Thailand can start in the city and then continue to islands with magical beaches or up in the mountains for hiking.
In this city, old and new are mixed in an absolutely fantastic way. You will be able to visit temples and historic sites while enjoying the modern infrastructure. Thais call their capital Krung Thep and since the city was declared the capital of Siam in 1782, it has become a center in every way. To really discover the city, you should have a few days and also make sure to get maps so that you find the areas that seem most interesting to visit.
When you visit this fantastic city, it is clear that you must try the good food and also enjoy the unique nightlife. Bangkok’s restaurants are considered to be among the best in the world and you will find food from all the world’s cuisines. Sure, it can be interesting with Italian, Russian or Spanish food, but if you are in Thailand, you must not miss the classic Thai cuisine with fresh ingredients. During the night, the city is very different and it can be smart to look for a guide who can show you which nightclubs are worth a visit. Here the party is night long and among the nightclubs you can find music venues where you play everything from jazz to techno.
Anyone who visits this city has so much to look forward to. Here there is entertainment for young and old and you can shop everything at really good prices. Those who go to Thailand for a sun holiday can make the trip so that it will be a night or two in Bangkok because the city is so unique and special that you hardly want to miss a visit.
Bangkok has a very large and varied selection of restaurants, bars, discos, jazz clubs, shows and more.


Popular areas of Bangkok
Bangkok is a city in constant acceleration. One of the world’s largest tourist destinations is characterized by its rapid changes. During its constant transformation, new phenomena are always added in the Thai capital. There are an incredible number of exciting places in Bangkok and those who explore the city will discover their own favorites. Here are some popular areas that tourists like to visit in Thailand’s largest city. During its constant transformation, new phenomena are always added in the Thai capital.

Siam Square
Siam Square is located in the area surrounding Sukhumvit and Phloen Chit Road and has a lot of hotels and malls. In the Skytrain station, there is a shopping center called MBK. This is a very large shopping center where you can find bargains so those who like shopping must not miss a visit.

Sukhumvit Road
Here you will find many nice hotels used by tourists and also by locals. The hotels are joined by nightclubs and restaurants and the nightlife is characterized as less serious, especially at places like Soi Cowboy and Nana Entertainment Plaza.

During the day, this is a financial center that does not cater to tourists. When it gets dark, however, the place is transformed into a notorious bar area called Patpong.

This is an area located between the river and the center. It is also called Old Bangkok and offers attractions such as Wat Pho and the Grand Palace

Khao San Road
In northern Rattanakosin we find a place that backpackers love. Here it is cheap to live and therefore Khao San Road is an excellent choice for those traveling on a smaller budget.

Yaowarat and Phahurat Road
Yaowarat is Chinatown and Phahurat is the Indian part of the city. Here are a lot of temples and special sacred places to discover. In addition, one can enjoy street markets like Sampeng.

Dusit is seen as a political center built in European style. There are many political institutions here. It is also the address of the country’s monarchy. Visit the Breezy Palace and stroll through the lush gardens for a unique city experience.

In Bangkok you can also get around by canal boats and on the west bank of the Chao Praya river is Thonburi. Here you can visit museums, see temples and also experience a so-called floating market.

A giant clothing market with many fashion stores where you can buy single garments and even large batches. Experience Phantip Plaza and Platinum which is a very large building that houses thousands of stores. Of course you come here to shop for clothes and if you want you can stay at the famous Baiyoke Tower II hotel.

This is an area in the northern part of the city that is seen as a large suburb. Here is the Chatuchak Weekend market where you can buy just about everything. This market is also called je je market.

You can take the metro here and the area offers entertainment for the locals. Here you can party with real Bangkok residents.

In the large residential area, there are exciting places to visit. Visit an amusement park like Safari World or go shopping at a local mall. In the areas of Hua Mak and Bang Kapi, there are many students from the different universities.

Icon Siam
A lot of glitter and shine in Bangkok’s new exclusive giant mall Icon Siam, the first larger mall right next to the water on the west bank of the river. That Apple has its flagship store here feels logical. The whole place has some of the classy appearance that one associates with Apple. However, the ground floor is different. Where they have built an environment reminiscent of a “floating market” with small boats and water, which the district of Thonburi is known for.
Icon Siam is a mega-complex, and next to the shopping mall are two skyscrapers with hotel suites from Mandarin Oriental, a huge conference hall and an upcoming River Museum. A good idea is to eat at one of Icon Siam’s top-class restaurants with great views of the river. They are mainly located on the fourth floor (named The Veranda Zone) and on the fifth floor, where all taverns have their own outdoor terrace.

Free boats with frequent departures commute between Icon Siam and a series of piers on the other side of the river, which offer convenient and convenient transportation even if you just want to cross the water.

Mahanakhon Skywalk
Welcome to Bangkok’s new top attraction. For a couple of years, visitors to the city have hardly escaped notice of the construction of the city’s new landmark and tallest building, the Mahanakhon (314 meters). Now the skyscraper is finished and it is possible to visit even up on the roof. The view is by far the most powerful in the city and provides a 360-degree panorama in all directions. If you dare to walk on a glass plate that protrudes a few meters from the building.

Ratchada Rot Fai Train Market
Those who have been to the famous Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok know about both its advantages and disadvantages. Chatuchak is the world’s largest weekend market, but at the same time therefore unmanageable. When the sun goes down and the temperatures become more comfortable, Chatuchak also closes. Therefore, there is a need for Ratchada Rot Fai Train Market. This evening market (Thursday – Sunday 17-24) just north of the city center has quickly becomes a popular alternative. The market is just the right size, and the range leans to some extent towards the more trendy and unusual. There is also lots of street food and a significant nightlife with bars and live music, in fact an entire bar street that is especially bustling with life on weekends.

Kudeejeen (also spelled Kudi Chin) is one of Bangkok’s many unique and unknown places. When King Thaksin founded Bangkok in 1767 on the southwest bank of the river, he offered the same piece of land to two of his allies: the Portuguese and the Chinese. An unequaled Chinese-Portuguese enclave emerged just at the beginning of the creation of the new capital. Kudeejeen still exists today, and here the culture of the Portuguese and Chinese has merged and become something completely their own. The small district is reached via a newly built promenade along the river south of the Kalayanamit temple. On the way you pass the notable Chinese shrine Kian Un Keng and the 18th century Portuguese church Santa Cruz. The Baan Kudichin Museum shows the history of the enclave and explains how Bangkok developed in the first years.

Taxi with taximeter is the most used means of transport in Bangkok. Tuk tuk and subway are also available. Skytrain that travels above the traffic is the fastest and cheapest means of transport.


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