COVID-19: How Thailand is using a ‘cheap and effective’ traditional herbal medicine to treat coronavirus



Chainat jail is using the herbal remedy to treat prisoners

Thailand’s government is using green chiretta to treat people with asymptomatic or mild coronavirus infections, following a trial in prisons which found that 99% of those who consumed the plant recovered.

Siobhan Robbins, SE Asia correspondent

In Thailand’s fields, convicted criminals tend to a precious crop.

In the blazing sun, in neon orange tops, they bend and scrape, painstakingly weeding the ground around neat lines of dark green plants.

They’re growing green chiretta (Andrographis paniculate) – or Fah talai jone, as it’s called in Thailand.

It’s a traditional herbal medicine commonly used in Thai homes to treat colds, but is now playing a central role in the country’s fight against COVID-19.

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